Spreading the Aidorabu!

14 Sep

bump.y, Fudanjuku, SuperGirls, Momoiro Clover, Idoling!!!, Tokyo Girls Style, S/mileage

and so Aidorabu has begun! Aidorabu (Idol love, or idorable ;D) is my own little safe haven to celebrate and spread the love of everything idol, or something to that extent anyway! I’m a fan of idols in general, from the H!P to the Fudanjuku, I have… a slightly unhealthy obsession xD; My plan with Aidorabu is to share information and help others find out more about the lesser known idol groups out there, as well as the popular ones, with profiles, discographies, and the latest news I can find. Since my Japanese is limited to google translator, things may be slow, but I’d greatly appreciate any help I can get!

~ Chesska


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