It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SUPER☆GiRLS!

17 Sep

The titles just keep getting lamer, don’t they? xD SUPER☆GiRLS are a new group under avex that was formed from the “Avex Idol Auditions 2010” with a staggering 7000 girls auditioning between the ages of 12 and 21. That amount was cut down to 24 potential candidates and 12 of which were chosen to make the group. In the final stage of auditions, the 24 girls where shuffled into three smaller groups that performed the three debut songs of the group to a panel of judges, you can see a preview of that here. The three songs are titled “Nijiro Star,” “Kizuna Days,” and “Be with you.” They also performed these songs as the opening to the Tokyo Idol Festival:

Nijiro Star and member introductions

Kizuna Days and Be With You

I don’t think all the girls get a solo over the two songs, but you do get a chance to get an idea of at least half of their voices, and their overall sound. They still sound a little raw, but I’m really looking forward to hearing the studio versions. I can’t find a release date for a CD single, but the three songs are available on the Japanese iTunes store. The final round of auditions took place on Sunday June 13th,  with the girls debuting at Avex a-nation 2010 which was on the 7th of August.

What makes my job a little easier is that there is already an English fansite for the girls up by the name of superSTYLE! So if you are interested in SUPER☆GiRLS, definitely bookmark that link as it’ll probably be updated more on what they do than what you’ll get here xD; Also, since superSTYLE already has translated profiles and pictures, I won’t post them here myself, and since they don’t have a discography to post I’m left with just links and maybe a couple of pics under the cut this time xD; I have high hopes for these girls- I even already have a possible favourite, Kaepyon! Not that it’s because she reminds me of Maimi. Not at all.


  • Saori Yasaka (21)
  • Kaede Kano (17)
  • Eri Akita (17)
  • Rina Miyazaki (16)
  • Mirei Tanaka (13)
  • Ruka Mizote (13)
  • Hikaru Watanabe (16)
  • Aya Goto (13)
  • Reira Arai (15)
  • Ami Maeshima (12)
  • Rika Shimura (17)
  • Rino Katsuta (15)


Barks Artist Page –

Official Website –

Group blog –

Group Twitter –

Hello Online Thread –

Ustream channel –

Individual Member Blogs – (Scroll down)


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