Back to school with Sakura Gakuin

18 Sep

I know, I know, another group that performed at the Tokyo Idol Festival. I feel kinda guilty about this group because when I first went through and watched what I thought was the whole Tokyo Idol Festival, I didn’t see them at all- I accidently skipped the video ;-;! But I’m making amends now by researching them!

Member Introductions and Yume ni Mukatte

Sakura Gakuin (さくら学院, Cherry Blossom Institute) is a 10 member girl group with the girls born between 1996 and 1999 that made their debut at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010. The most interesting part is that two of the girls are ex-members of the idol group Karen Girls’, Mutou Ayami (Sakura Gakuin leader, or student council president) and Nakamoto Suzuka. So far they only have one song, Yume ni Mukatte.

Another performance of Yume ni Mukatte

I have to admit, I like the song a lot! The group is obviously school themed and will be having events based on school club activities. There is no release date set for their debut single, and the only other information I can find is that they are under the Amuse agency. Hopefully more news about their debut single will be out soon! Member profiles and links are under the cut~


note: I think ‘Hitokoto’ is a saying or a message, and I have no idea for ‘My Boom.’ I’m assuming it is something along the lines of ‘my interests’ or ‘what I’m good at,’ but don’t quote me on that one xD; If you have better translations please let me know and I’ll edit this with them. Google is a much better translator with Japanese than some others I’ve used but it’s definitely not perfect. Some parts I reworded to make more sense, if the meaning wasn’t obvious, I’ve put the direct translation or the original in brackets next to it.

Nakamoto Suzuka

Birthday: 20/12/1997
From: Hiroshima Prefecture
Height: 153cm
Favourite Food: Cheesecake
My Boom: Number Place
Hitokoto: I want to sing that song a lot more

Sato Hinata

Birthday: 23/12/1998
From: Kanagawa Prefecture
Height: 140cm
My Boom: Origami
Hobby: Hula
Hitokoto: I said, “I’ll get lost!” Is the motto of my best

Muto Ayami (Leader/Student Council Leader)

Birthday: 29/4/1996
From: Ibaraki
Height: 148cm
My Boom: Soccer Hyakunin (100 person soccer?)
Hitokoto: I want to work hard together with all of the school as the student council president!

Miyoshi Ayaka

Birthday: 18/6/1996
From: Saitama Prefecture
Height: 168cm
Favourite words: “サランヘヨ”
Favourite Subject: Physical Science
Hitokoto: I want to try and experience more and more still

Matsui Airi

Birthday: 26/12/1996
From: Fukushima
Height: 167cm
Favourite words: Thanks (Arigatou)
Hobby: Long distance swimming
Hitokoto: I’ll try hard at singing and dancing

Horiuchi Marina

Birthday: 29/4/1998
From: Tokyo
Height: 138-142cm
My Boom: Deco, Piano and Dance
Hobby: Roller skates, Keyboard, music (Songs)
Hitokoto: I want everyone to live in a lot of practice singing and dancing!

Iida Raura

Birthday: 9/4/1998
From: Tokyo
Height: 146-148cm
My Boom: Playing sax (Blowing a saxophone)
Currently likes: Coloured Pens
Hitokoto: There is a lot we want to do now, we will work hard to achieve it!

Sugisaki Nene

Birthday: 8/5/1998
From: Ibaraki
Height: 138-144cm
My Boom: Talking (Chat)
Favourite Subject: Social Studies or socialising? (Social)
Hitokoto: I am cheerful and positive! Thank you

Kikuchi Moa

Birthday: 4/7/1999
From: Aichi
Height: 129cm
Place you’d like to go: Above the clouds
Favourite words: Do one or eight (一か八か)
Hitokoto: It is healthy and motivated, but they are little Okkii♪

Mizuno Yui

Birthday: 20/6/1999
From: Kanagawa Prefecture
Height: 130cm
Currently likes: Collecting seals
Favourite Colour: Light blue and pink
Hitokoto: I’m so happy to be a part of Sakura Gakuin! I’ll do my best!


Official Site –

Group Blog – (<- the way they set it up is really cute xD!)

Official Nico Nico Douga Channel –

Amuse Page –

Fan blog – (Lots of Karen Girls/Sakura Gakuin posts, with some other idol and general blog posts)


4 Responses to “Back to school with Sakura Gakuin”

  1. Cardcaptor Jim February 23, 2011 at 9:18 am #

    Ah, the best idol group currently recording today! I love all Sakura Gakuin songs that I’ve heard, all three on their debut single, “Yume Ni Mukatte / Hello! IVY”, and the preview of “FLY AWAY”. They are the future of Japanese pop music, people! I love Ayaka the most, as she is one of the most beautiful girls on the entire planet! Her singing is very good too. I hope you will update your blog to include my thread at Hello! Online,

    • lilmenchi February 23, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

      I’ve been meaning to go back through and update what I’ve already got up, I just.. haven’t gotten around to it yet xD; I’ll be sure to add it when I do!

      I need to catch up on Sakura Gakuin, I haven’t really been keeping up since I wrote this, but I loved Yume ni Mukatte and the Fly Away preview sounded really good too! I don’t tend to post a lot on forums, but I’ll definitely be stalking the H!O thread for news ❤

  2. Kouta April 6, 2012 at 6:14 am #


  3. Momosheen September 29, 2013 at 6:54 pm #

    I Love SG from the very start ❤ im still hoping that i can see them in person.

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