Feel the Happiness

29 Sep

I know I said a week but, I think I was half avoiding this post for some reason, probably because I couldn’t find all that much information on them ;-; Here’s what I do know though; Happiness is a short lived dance group that was produced by the leader of EXILE.  The girls have been backup dancers for an EXILE concert and are part of LDH, (Love, Dream and Happiness). Love being a duo group and Dream being another idol group. (Dream sang the first of the Inuyasha ending themes, ‘My Will’ but has gone through many changes since then. I’ll probably post about them later.)

Unfortunately, the group ultimately only released one single, Happy Talk, and the song was used to promote donuts. Their second single, Perfect Smile was set to be released on the 9th of June 2010 however the single was cancelled. I -think- One more time was going to be the bside for Perfect Smile but I’m not 100% sure. Links to leaks of both songs are below:

Perfect Smile – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xd4z0n_y_music.s.

One more time – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xd4ywo_y_music

Edit: Ignore what I said about ‘short-lived’ and ‘only releasing one single,’ Happiness are set to make their major debut in 2011! I’m looking forward to it ❤ I’ll update later with more details.



Birthday: 20/9/1996

Blood Type: B

Hometown: Miyazaki Prefecture

Height: 153cm

Hobbies: Fixing things

Special Skill: Dance


Birthday: 30/12/1996

Blood Type: B

Homtown: Hyogo

Height:  152cm

Hobbies: Nail Art

Special Skill: Dance


Birthday: 11/1996

Blood Type: O

Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture

Height: 166cm

Hobbies: Fashion

Special Skill: Dance


Birthday: 16/7/1996

Blood Type: A

Hometown: Osaka

Height: 158cm

Hobbies: Singing

Special Skill: Dance


Birthday: 16/8/1996

Blood Type: A

Hometown: Kanagawa

Height: 150cm

Hobbies: Making sweets

Special Skill: Dance


Birthday: 6/2/1996

Blood Type: B

Hometown: Miyazaki Prefecture

Height: 150cm

Hobbies: Dancing

Special Skill: Swimming


Birthday: 2/1/1996

Hometown: Osaka

Height:  163cm

Hobbies: Watching DVDs

Special Skill: Singing


Happy Talk (21/10/2009)


Official Site – http://www.happiness-ldh.jp/index.html

Love, Dream, Happiness – http://www.lovedreamhappiness-family.jp/

Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/user/HappinessCh

Hello Online Thread – http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?/topic/17521-happiness/


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