More Spazzing. Passpo Related.

16 Nov

I was browsing the HMV idol section earlier today to get a link to the Fudanjuku stuff for someone and I happened to notice Passpo had another release coming out soon.  I thought, ‘cool, I’ll have to buy that. I hope the single has a PV this time.’ So now imagine my surprise looking at the listing again for some more info.

Left – LE with DVD | Right – RE

FREAKING. PASSPO ALBUM. DO WANT. SO now do I not only have to save up for Pretty Lie/GPP/Go on a Highway plus everything else I need to save for, but an album too. You’re lucky I love you Passpo, stay awesome. and come to Australia. Some idol act has to. I’m going to Sydnova 2011 hinthint. Damn I need a job xD;


A track list is now for the CD + DVD, and there’s a bunch of new previously unreleased songs and guess what? PVs! The album is set for a release on the 8th of December.Even though this has GPP/Go on a Highway/Pretty Lie, I’m still going to buy those singles for the instrumentals ❤ Track list and preorder links are below, I’ll see how many song previews I can add until there are previews up on HMV~ so turns out all but Break Out and the bonus songs are up on the Passpo Youtube! Only Let it go!! was in full, but I found versions of GPP, Go on a Highway, Pretty Lie and LA LA Love Train. I’m surprised I couldn’t find ハレルヤ (Hallelujah) in full seeing as that was their second single, but oh well. More to look forward to when you buy it? ;DDD

OH. Before I go, I’m working on getting a mini review of Let it Go!! up including scans and my first attempt at romaji-fying the lyrics since I doubt I can find them online plus I want them for my own dubbing purposes. There’s just a couple of parts I’m not sure of, but I’m getting some help from my awesome friend Elsa so hopefully that’ll be up soon!

CD Track list

1. Let it Go!!
2. GPP (Girls’ Pajama Party)
3. Go on a Highway
4. Pretty Lie
5. 無敵GIRL
7. LA LA LOVE TRAIN ~恋の片道切符~ (Starts at 3:27)
8. ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)
9. 夏空ダッシュ
10. 夢パスポート
11. サクラ色
12. Let It Go!!(ピアノVer)
13. Let It Go!!(オルゴールVer)
14. サクラ色(ピアノVer)


1. GPP (PV)
2. Let it Go!! (PV)
3. ハレルヤ (PV)
4. サクラ色 (PV)
5. GPPメイキング
6. ハレルヤメイキング
Limited Edition – Amazon, HMV
Regular – Amazon, HMV


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  1. Aya February 17, 2011 at 3:49 am #

    Another Passpo fan! Some good pics, lyrics, info and fan-rambling;

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