A Super Bump (.y)

22 Nov

Not exactly -new- news, but I can’t do all that for Passpo’s album and ignore SUPER☆GiRLS and Bump.y!

The PV for bump.y’s latest single, Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteite mo~ is now out and the single is set to be released on the 24th of November, so this Wednesday! The group still has a ‘family’ feeling to it and you can really see it in the dance too, at one point they’re all holding hands. It’s all the warm fuzzy stuff xD I really like Sara’s voice in this too, her solo at 1:10 is love ❤ Half the time she looks like she’d rather not be there, someone forgot to tell she had to smile xD

1. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-”
2.  Akai Muffler
3. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-” ( Narration Version )
4. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-” ( Instrumental )
5.  Akai Muffler ( Instrumental )

SUPER☆GiRLS new album is titled Chouzetsu Shoujo (meaning “Transcendent Girl”) and is set to come out on the 22nd of December. Their previously released tracks make an appearance on the album but they’re listed as ‘transcendental versions’. “Transcendent Girl” may give a clue to what ‘Transcendental Version’ means, it’s likely it just means it will be an album version, but there’s no knowing for sure until it’s out. So far, ‘Miracle ga Tommanai!’ has a PV that was shown first on SG’s Ustream but it’s now up on the avex Youtube channel.What else? Right, it’s being released in 3 different versions A, B and C. A is a special box that comes with the CD+DVD and extras (¥6500), B is the CD+DVD (¥3800) and C is just the CD (¥2500), all come with a photo of one of the girls. Some previews can be heard on their website – http://supergirls.jp/news/20101002.html

It’s a really adorable, practically the definition of an idol PV xD; SPARKLES? CUTE GIRLS? POMPOMS? ENGRISH? Check. It’s a fun song, but vocals aren’t their strong point unfortunately. Watching them grow and improve is half the fun of idol fandom as well as cheering on your favourite for being flawless and awesome. KAEPYON! I’m hoping there’s some good songs on the rest of the album, preferably with some small groups going on, but SG have been pretty good when it comes to giving all the members time to shine, which is always a good thing! Track list for the CD is below, it looks like there’s two different DVDs with A and B so I’ll work on getting a track list for those up later~

CD Track list:

1. Welcome to ♥ S☆G Show!!
2. NIJIIRO Starー☆ (Transcendental Version)
3. Kira・Pure・POWER!
4. Yume no Inryoku
5. Rokkyu Okyakusama★〜 Kimi ga Kureta Akashi〜
6. Egao ga Porori
7. Tokimeki Shoku no Kaze to Kimi
8. Niji Shoku Daiya~Super Girls no theme~
9. Renai Rule
10. NIJIIRO Namida
11. Be with you (Transcendental Version)
12. Miracle ga Tommanai!
13. Kizuna Days (Transcendental Version)


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    Nice article. Thank you.

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