Cool for Ebisu Muscats

17 Feb

Woo a new post up and my titles are getting lamer, points if you get what I meant xD; The Ebisu Muscats are a group I’ve wanted to cover on here for a while simply because I find them really interesting. And hey, what’s not interesting about a group made entirely of gravure and AV idols? xD Ebisu Muscats started on a variety show called “Onegai Muscat” in 2008, where gravure and AV idols took part is games and skits. The show aired from April 2008 until March 2009, but was shortly replaced by “Onedari!! Muscat” which started airing in April 2009, and is still going strong. It wasn’t until the 17th of February 2010 when they made their single debut with ‘Banana Mango High School’, which just happens to be a year ago today. Awesome xD

The group is now up to their 4th single, to be released mid-March, and has gone through a lot of member changes. Just looking at the member roster on their wiki page… it’s a long list xD; There’s 28 current members (From 5 different phases or stages, the equivalent of MM’s gens), 9 graduated members, and 25 that are listed as having left the group. That’s 62 members. Wow is putting it lightly xD; From what I can tell, a lot of the original members graduated, while 16 phase 1 to 3 members returned just a month later. One first phase members, KONAN, graduated the group to join AKB48’s more adult sister group, SDN48 (SaturDay Night).

Banana Mango High School PV

Their first single was full of sexual innuendo and I’m kinda hoping for translations of some of their other songs to see if those are as well, but it’d be hard to top Banana Mango High School (Banana = male. Mango = female. I’m not going to add anymore xD) I’ll be honest, I probably wouldn’t go to their live shows (okay, I would if someone gave me a ticket) or watch/look at their AV/Gravure work, but the variety show sounds interesting and funny (plus a lot less sus xD) so I may just have an entry up on the show if I can find a couple of eps subbed anywhere.

I feel like there’s more I should add here but I’ll update as I find new info~ I still need to go back and update a few of the other groups I already have up as well xD; Full discography, links and a partial member list are below ❤


(as of Banana Mango High School)

Kasumi’s Cute Education Academy – Kaho Kasumi, Sora Aoi, Yuma Asami, Sho Nishino, KONAN, Miyu Misaki, Jessica Kisaki, Airi Nagasaku

Hatsune’s Cute Marine High School – Minori Hatsune, Akiho Yoshizawa, Asami Ogawa, Rika Kawamura, Ai Sayama, Rin Sakuragi, Kokomi Sakura, Ena Kawamura, Haruka Ogura

Rio’s Cute High School – Rio, Mihiro, Risa Kasumi, Megu Fujiura, Aika Ando, Kaera Uehara, Minami Yamaguchi, Erika Kirihara

Google translate isn’t great for working out names of the current members, so I’ll see if I can find a full list somewhere or if I can get some help. I may put up members by single (in the teams they have) plus a current member list if I can. There’s no way I could fit 62 profiles here xD;


Spring Holiday / Kuchigenka Shinaide ♪ 「スプリングホリデー/口ゲンカしないで♪」 (March 16th, 2011)

Chocolate / Kawaii Koushien 「チヨコレイト/かわいい甲子園」  (December 8th, 2010)

01. Chocolate
02. Kawaii Koushien
03. Kawaii Koushien ~Asami hatsuratsu joshi tanki dai fuzoku Koukou~ (Limited A)
03. Kawaii Koushien ~Hatsune Kawaii Suisan Koukou~ (Limited B)
03. Kawaii Koushien ~Rio Kawaii High School~ (Limited C)

Oecura Mambo / Watashi Mambo 「OECURA MAMBO/私マンボー」  (July 7th, 2010)

01. Oecura Mambo
02.  Watashi Mambo「私マンボー 」
03. Otsukare Mambo (teamマver.) (Limited A)
03. Ohisashi Mambo (teamンver.)(Limited B)
03. Osagari mambo (teamボver.)(Limited C)

Banana Mango High School / 12 no 34 de Naite with Namida Yonshimai 「 バナナ・マンゴー・ハイスクール/12の34で泣いて with 涙四姉妹」 (February 17th, 2010)

01. Banana Mango High School
01. Banana Mango High School ~Kasumi Kawaii Kyouiku Gakuen~ (Limted A)
01. Banana Mango High School ~Hatsune Kawaii Suisan Koukou~ (Limited B)
01. Banana Mango High School ~Rio Kawaii High School~ (Limited C)
02. 12 no 34 de Naite with Namida Yonshimai
03. Banana Mango High School (Instrumental)


Official Site –

Universal Japan Artist Page –

Staff Twitter –!/EBIMUSKOUHOU

JPHiP Thread –

Japanese Wikipedia –恵比寿マスカッツ

Facebook Fan Page –

Generasia Page –

Nihongogo Thread –

Fan Blog/site – (Not updated since Decemeber 09)


4 Responses to “Cool for Ebisu Muscats”

  1. WrongTamago March 1, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    I’m not sure if you can read katakana, but if you can, all of the pronunciations for the member’s names are on the Japanese Wikipedia page you linked (“yomi” – 2nd column). You could always use Google translate on each name individually, but that would take a while.

    Current members

    蒼井そら Sora Aoi
    麻美ゆま Yuma Asami
    小川あさ美 Asami Ogawa
    かすみりさ Risa Kasumi
    西野翔 Shou Nishino
    初音みのり Minori Hatsune
    吉沢明歩 Akiho Yoshizawa
    安藤あいか Aika Ando
    希崎ジェシカ Jessica Kizaki
    桜木凛 Rin Sakuragi
    小倉遥 Haruka Ogura
    川村えな Ena Kawamura
    永作あいり Airi Nagasaki
    山口愛実 Manami Yamaguchi
    かすみ果穂 Kaho Kasumi
    希志あいの Aino Kishi
    瑠川リナ Rina Rukawa
    織井遙菜 Haruna Orii
    児玉菜々子 Nanako Kodama
    永瀬ゆみ Yumi Nagase
    山中絢子 Ayako Yamanaka
    一条真央 Mao Ichijo
    林田ゆりあ Yuria Hayashida
    凛々果 Ririka
    横山美雪 Mayuki Yokoyama
    栗山夢衣 Mui Kuriyama
    園田真紀 Maki Sonoda

    Graduated members

    佐山愛 Ai Sayama
    藤浦めぐ Megu Fujiura
    みひろ Mihiro
    川村りか Rika Kawamura
    上原カエラ Kaera Uehara
    美咲みゆ Miyu Misaki
    桐原エリカ Erika Kirihara
    桜ここみ Kokomi Sakura

    Withdrawn members

    あのあるる Ruru Anoa
    小澤マリア Maria Ozawa
    くるみひな Hina Kurumi
    杉原桃花 Momoka Sugihara
    水玉レモン Lemon Mizutama
    恵けい Kei Megumi
    モカ Moka
    桃瀬えみる Emiru Momose
    片岡さき Saki Kataoka
    庄司ゆうこ Yuko Shoji
    夏実かほ Kaho Natsume
    西園桃子 Momoko Nishizono
    若杉夏希 Natsuki Wakasugi
    月見栞 Shiori Tsukimi
    桜井こずえ Kozue Sakurai
    戸田れい Rei Toda
    ユリサ Yurisa
    桐野澪 Mio Kirino
    桜花えり Eri Ouka
    栗林里莉 Riri Kuribayashi
    優希まこと Makoto Yuki
    阿川のぞみ Nozomi Agawa
    芝田翔生子 Shoko Shibata
    藤崎あかね Akane Fujisaki

    I recognize WAY too many of these girls.

    • WrongTamago March 1, 2011 at 2:55 pm #


      永作あいり Airi Nagasaku

      • lilmenchi March 1, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

        Woah, thank you! I’ll add this in when I can!

  2. Yuma Asami fan October 13, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    My Yuma Asami fan blog has a lot of info on the Muscats, if you aren’t scared of the odd nipple 😉

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