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Heading to Afilia Saga East

30 Oct

Long time no post, huh? xD; But I’m back with a new group to talk about! Afilia Saga East (アフィリア・サーガ・イースト) is a cafe-maid based idol group that has it’s roots in the Afilia franchise which has several stores around Japan. The members of the group come from different stores in the franchise, however at the moment the members are all from stores in Tokyo. Each Afilia store has a different theme, for example one has the maids as apprentice witches. For a more detailed explanation on how the the franchise and idol group are related, in particular to the cafe side of things, check out this post on Pure Idol Heart.

Currently, the group is at 12 members and has released 4 singles in total. Their last single, Watashi Love na Otome was the theme for W.L.O. Sekai Renai Kikou, what appears to be a hentai dating sim for the Xbox 360 and their next single’s c/w is the outro theme for “Chojigen Game Neptune” on the PS3. They also attended the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010, however they were not one of the main acts.

Watashi LOVE na Otome PV

An awesome fact about the group is that they are co-produced by Momoi Haruko, and I squee’d when I found that out. Momoi Haruko is a singer/seiyuu/producer, you may know her as Sun from Seto no Hanayome or the group UNDER17, that sang the opening theme of DearS She is a regular performer for the Animelo concerts and often writes lyrics for AFE. The other co-producer of AFE is Chiyomaru Shikura, who has composed several anime themes. Another familiar name that works with AFE is Hello! Project’s own Tsunku, he composed AFE’s new song “Knee High Egoist” that will be released on the first of December. It looks to be the first time he has worked with the group and you can hear a preview of the song on AFE’s website.

The group definitely has a very cute image and style, I’m definitely looking forward to their Tsunku single ;D! Members of Afilia Saga East and the various Afilia franchise, a discography and links are all below the cut!

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