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I have nothing coherent to add.

31 Oct

Words cannot explain my happiness at finding this tonight. I was typing up an entry on YGA, but it seems like that will have to wait until tomorrow xD; As it’s probably very obvious by now, I love Idols, so seeing a place with not just the big groups, H!P and AKB48, but also the smaller groups… it’s heavenly. They have Passpo, Tomapai, JK21 and so many groups I’ve never heard of before. SO MANY IDOL CDS ❤ I have never bought anything from HMV before (CDJapan and YESASIA), but I am sure to do so in the future! I should get around to blogging about the CDs I have bought, one day! -huggles Passpo, Fudanjuku and H!P CDs-

-> HMV Female Idol Store <-