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[Lyrics] C-ute Akuma no Tsubuyaki Musical – Remember You

16 Feb

C-ute aren’t exactly lesser-known so technically I shouldn’t cover them at all on here, but I love C-ute and I needed somewhere to put these lyrics so… xD;; This is Airi’s solo song from C-ute’s musical, Akuma no Tsubuyaki ~Akuma de kyutto na seishun Graffiti~. Out of all the songs in the musical (not including the theme) this one stood out to me the most, and I wanted to sing along so I had a go at working out the lyrics by ear. From what I could tell (there’s no subs out for the musical yet), this is a song Airi’s character, Lily, is singing while thinking about her parents. Although they mention her mother a lot so it might just be for her, I’m not really sure xD;

Sorry if there are any mistakes, there’s two parts in particular I’m not sure of, so any corrections would be loved. The parts in italics are where the rest of C-ute sings backing harmonies or echoes (in the brackets), everything else is Airi. I’d recommend waiting for subs if you want to watch the musical in full and you’re not confident with Japanese, but check out this song if you have time ❤


I found a subbed version of this song, with just the translation ❤ The same person also did a translation for another song from the musical, Chiisana koto. Thanks to the notes on the videos I know have a better idea of  what was going on. Remember you is Lily singing about her mother, who died when she was very young.

Update 2: I thought this would have been a given, but if you want to post these lyrics on another site for whatever reason, please link back to this post. Thanks~

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