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Update and a Passpo PV Preview!

8 Apr

I’m so sorry about my lack of updates recently, I’ve been meaning to post but just haven’t had the time to get to it >.< I’ll definitely have a new post up sometime next week, I’ve had a couple of groups I’ve been wanting to look into so hopefully those will be up soon!

In better news, a preview of Passpo’s major debut single, Shoujo Hikou, has been released!

It’s great to see a PV with a decent budget for them! Not that I didn’t enjoy the PVs they’ve done so far, but this is a sign of better things to come for the group and I’m excited to see how their debut sells. I’m hoping I can afford to get Sako’s version, but I might try and get some of the older Passpo singles first~

OH and last bit of news, you might have noticed I now have a link on the side to CDJapan. As part of their affiliate program, if someone clicks on that and then buys something from CDJapan, I get a small commission. So if anyone is thinking of purchasing something from CDJapan, I’d really appreciate it if you could come from here ❤ Any credit I get from there will be used to purchase idol related goods/CDs that I can share and talk about here<3


[Lyrics] Passpo – Let it Go!!

19 Nov

Romanization by lilmenchi with help from Elsa. Please don’t just copy and paste this to other sites, credit and a link back to this page is always appreciated ❤ Comments with corrections, or even a translation, are welcomed!

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More Spazzing. Passpo Related.

16 Nov

I was browsing the HMV idol section earlier today to get a link to the Fudanjuku stuff for someone and I happened to notice Passpo had another release coming out soon.  I thought, ‘cool, I’ll have to buy that. I hope the single has a PV this time.’ So now imagine my surprise looking at the listing again for some more info.

Left – LE with DVD | Right – RE

FREAKING. PASSPO ALBUM. DO WANT. SO now do I not only have to save up for Pretty Lie/GPP/Go on a Highway plus everything else I need to save for, but an album too. You’re lucky I love you Passpo, stay awesome. and come to Australia. Some idol act has to. I’m going to Sydnova 2011 hinthint. Damn I need a job xD;


A track list is now for the CD + DVD, and there’s a bunch of new previously unreleased songs and guess what? PVs! The album is set for a release on the 8th of December.Even though this has GPP/Go on a Highway/Pretty Lie, I’m still going to buy those singles for the instrumentals ❤ Track list and preorder links are below, I’ll see how many song previews I can add until there are previews up on HMV~ so turns out all but Break Out and the bonus songs are up on the Passpo Youtube! Only Let it go!! was in full, but I found versions of GPP, Go on a Highway, Pretty Lie and LA LA Love Train. I’m surprised I couldn’t find ハレルヤ (Hallelujah) in full seeing as that was their second single, but oh well. More to look forward to when you buy it? ;DDD

OH. Before I go, I’m working on getting a mini review of Let it Go!! up including scans and my first attempt at romaji-fying the lyrics since I doubt I can find them online plus I want them for my own dubbing purposes. There’s just a couple of parts I’m not sure of, but I’m getting some help from my awesome friend Elsa so hopefully that’ll be up soon!

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New releases all around!

5 Oct

Recently there are many groups announcing new releases! First off bump.y has their second single, Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-.

It will be released in three versions, Limited A, Limited B and regular. Limited A comes with the PV while Limited B has the making of. The tracklist for the regular edition is below, the only difference with Limited A/B is the narration track is not included. It will be released on the 24th of November. For October and November, the Aside will be used as the opening to the TBS show Rank Oukoku.

1. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-”
2.  Akai Muffler
3. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-” ( Narration Version )
4. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-” ( Instrumental )
5. Akai Muffler ( Instrumental )


SUPER☆GiRLS will be releasing their first album, Chouzetsu Shoujo, on the 22nd of December. This will be their debut CD and will feature their three songs, NIJIRO Star, Kizuna DAYS and Be With You as well as 10 new tracks that are yet to be announced. It will be released in three different versions, Regular and two limited CD/DVD editions.


Passpo also has a new single coming out, actually, three of them. Pretty Lie, Girls Pajama Party and Go on a Highway will be released simultaneously on the 20th of October.  Previews of all three songs are up on Passpo’s Youtube.


Finally we have one more lot of awesome news, a new single for Fudanjuku has been announced titled ‘Onaji Jidai ni Umareta Wakamonotachi‘ ! The single will also feature a 2010 version of Kizuna, from the album of the same name. There will be a total of 8 different versions, one for each of the members with CD/DVD and a regular version. I haven’t posted about Fudanjuku yet, but that’s partly because of this amazing Pimp Post, but I honestly can’t wait to post about them here ❤

Have your Passpo ready?

15 Sep

Passpo (ぱすぽ☆) is one of the groups that inspired me to start this blog, which is surprising seeing as up until last night I’d never heard of them. What got me hooked was watching their performance of their first single, ‘Let it Go!‘ at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010. Passpo is a group of 10 girls, that was formed in Akihabara in June 2009. Originally the group had 9 members selected out of 19 auditioners, however a 10th member was added later. Another cool thing about Passpo is their theme, from their outfits to the versions of their singles- everything is themed with airlines with the girls being like flight attendants, for example their second single was released in Economy, Business and First Class editions, with the features matching the class. I definitely recommend watching both videos they’re in from Tokyo Idol Festival as well as checking out some of the previews on their Youtube Channel, especially Pretty Lie

Members, more links and their discography are below the cut, information at the moment is limited but I will add more to this post and have other Passpo posts over time. I hope you get as hooked as I did ;D

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