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Back to school with Sakura Gakuin

18 Sep

I know, I know, another group that performed at the Tokyo Idol Festival. I feel kinda guilty about this group because when I first went through and watched what I thought was the whole Tokyo Idol Festival, I didn’t see them at all- I accidently skipped the video ;-;! But I’m making amends now by researching them!

Member Introductions and Yume ni Mukatte

Sakura Gakuin (さくら学院, Cherry Blossom Institute) is a 10 member girl group with the girls born between 1996 and 1999 that made their debut at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010. The most interesting part is that two of the girls are ex-members of the idol group Karen Girls’, Mutou Ayami (Sakura Gakuin leader, or student council president) and Nakamoto Suzuka. So far they only have one song, Yume ni Mukatte.

Another performance of Yume ni Mukatte

I have to admit, I like the song a lot! The group is obviously school themed and will be having events based on school club activities. There is no release date set for their debut single, and the only other information I can find is that they are under the Amuse agency. Hopefully more news about their debut single will be out soon! Member profiles and links are under the cut~

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