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One, Two, Ebichu!

13 Jan

Guess who’s finally back! Sorry for not updating for a while, but I’m so happy that Aidorabu has gotten over a 1000 hits ;-; It makes me happy every time I see that someone has linked Aidorabu as a place to go for information about a group. I’m looking forward to an idol-filled 2011 and as the first group I’m looking into this year, I’ve chosen Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (私立恵比寿中学, Ebisu Private Middle School) ! ;D EbiChu, who also seem to go by King of Gakugeikai 「King of 学芸会」 (King of School Plays), are a young group with Stardust Promotion, which you might recognise as it is the same group behind Momoiro Clover. They were formed in 2009 out of 5 Stardust 3B Juniors members, however since then they’ve grown to 12 members. From what I can tell, they’ve had one previous member Kanon, who left the group to become an actress, and there is a 13th member, Kashiwagi Hinata who has yet to begin activities with the group. She isn’t pictured on the group blog, website or anything official that I can see, but she is listed on the Japanese Wiki page for EbiChu and I’ve seen her mentioned in at least two other places, so I’ll go with it until I hear otherwise. xD; There was also mention of Uno Narumi leaving, but I haven’t confirmed anything.

6 EbiChu members performing two H!P songs, Koi Kana and Hana wo Pu~n

EbiChu have released two indie singles in 2010, ‘Asa no Chime ga Narimashita!’ and ‘Ebizori Diamond!!’ and have a third single called ‘Chime’ that was just released on the 10th of January 2011. I’ve been listening to the three of the their songs that I have, and my favourite is easily their second single “Ebizori Diamond!!” which I’ve linked below ;D They start off a little slow, but I love seeing things like that as they show they’re performing live!

I’m looking forward to listening to Chime and I hope these girls get a major debut sometime! and start releasing some instrumentals with their singles /biased xD; They’re definitely cute and have some potential there, especially if they can get more songs like Ebizori Diamond ❤ I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere they’re close with Momoiro Clover, as both groups started in Stardust 3B Juniors, and members of EbiChu have appeared in some Momoiro Clover member’s blogs. I love seeing group interaction, I can hope for a collab single can’t I? xD!

Member profiles aren’t quite finished yet, but I didn’t want to leave this any longer to post since it’s been so long since my last post. I’ll update them soon, but the discography and links are up and finished!

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