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No, not Yoga Google. It’s YGA.

14 Nov

Yet another group from the Tokyo Idol Festival (I’ll cover them all! …maybe.) This post has been a while in the making for a couple of reasons, the first being that I got distracted by other things, and the second is that finding information on YGA is damn hard xD; I can probably find info on the current YGA, but it’s the old YGA that I like best. So until I can find anything more substantial, time to talk about what I do know.

Bin-KAN.Vanilla PV

YGA stands for Yoshimoto Gravure Agency and is a part of Yoshomoto Agency, which is a well known for the comedy acts it produces. As far as I can tell, YGA was formed in 2008 and if the PV above is any indication, they were quirky and full of fanservice ;D Yes, that is a man with the pink thigh-highs Anna. I do feel for the larger girl in there, Nancy, though. She was most likely added for the comedic factor, but from what I’ve seen in PVs, she doesn’t get treated any differently to any of the other members so. GOOD WORK YGA. For their debut single, YGA had 9 members including Nancy and Anna, while their next single featured a total of 16 members. Their next two releases, Virgin Beat and Ganbare Hero were only released as DVDs.

Fighting Girl Live

Now, YGA is more a typical idol group, which is how I was introduced to them in the TIF2010. Looking back at their old PVs, I miss that quirkiness they had ;-; I’m not sure if any of the current 8 or 9 members (there are 9 shown with official blogs, but I can only find performances with 8 members) have been with the group since they began since I can’t find names for all the members, and if I could it wouldn’t be in Romaji for me to compare, plus just from looking at the covers they seem to have gone through a few member changes which makes thing even more difficult xD; If I do find any more information, I will definitely edit this post and add it in. It doesn’t help they only have a group blog and not an official website, plus their page on the Yoshimoto site is incomplete, but oh well. Like always, members, discography and links are below~

Edit: Thanks to Aya’s links, profiles for ten former members are now up! I’ll be updating the post more as I try to make sense of Google’s translation of the YGA wiki page xD;

Stage 1 Members – Hara Makiko, Suzuki Nana, Hoshino Rika, Miyanowaki Kaori, Meguro Saori, Yukari Minato, Nancy, Anna

Stage 2 Members – Ashida Ayumi, Kakuda, Mika, Matsumoto Miho, Shinti Rie, Yanagawa Mana, Yasuda Yuki Nana

Phase 3 – Kimura Mami

School Students – Azusa, Aimi Toshi Yuu, Uchida

Phase 4 – Sakurai Rika, Hinata Sayoko

5th – Kasuga Sayaka, Miwasa Kana, Omizo Shiina

Period 6 – Wasaki Nanami

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Heading to Afilia Saga East

30 Oct

Long time no post, huh? xD; But I’m back with a new group to talk about! Afilia Saga East (アフィリア・サーガ・イースト) is a cafe-maid based idol group that has it’s roots in the Afilia franchise which has several stores around Japan. The members of the group come from different stores in the franchise, however at the moment the members are all from stores in Tokyo. Each Afilia store has a different theme, for example one has the maids as apprentice witches. For a more detailed explanation on how the the franchise and idol group are related, in particular to the cafe side of things, check out this post on Pure Idol Heart.

Currently, the group is at 12 members and has released 4 singles in total. Their last single, Watashi Love na Otome was the theme for W.L.O. Sekai Renai Kikou, what appears to be a hentai dating sim for the Xbox 360 and their next single’s c/w is the outro theme for “Chojigen Game Neptune” on the PS3. They also attended the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010, however they were not one of the main acts.

Watashi LOVE na Otome PV

An awesome fact about the group is that they are co-produced by Momoi Haruko, and I squee’d when I found that out. Momoi Haruko is a singer/seiyuu/producer, you may know her as Sun from Seto no Hanayome or the group UNDER17, that sang the opening theme of DearS She is a regular performer for the Animelo concerts and often writes lyrics for AFE. The other co-producer of AFE is Chiyomaru Shikura, who has composed several anime themes. Another familiar name that works with AFE is Hello! Project’s own Tsunku, he composed AFE’s new song “Knee High Egoist” that will be released on the first of December. It looks to be the first time he has worked with the group and you can hear a preview of the song on AFE’s website.

The group definitely has a very cute image and style, I’m definitely looking forward to their Tsunku single ;D! Members of Afilia Saga East and the various Afilia franchise, a discography and links are all below the cut!

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Back to school with Sakura Gakuin

18 Sep

I know, I know, another group that performed at the Tokyo Idol Festival. I feel kinda guilty about this group because when I first went through and watched what I thought was the whole Tokyo Idol Festival, I didn’t see them at all- I accidently skipped the video ;-;! But I’m making amends now by researching them!

Member Introductions and Yume ni Mukatte

Sakura Gakuin (さくら学院, Cherry Blossom Institute) is a 10 member girl group with the girls born between 1996 and 1999 that made their debut at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010. The most interesting part is that two of the girls are ex-members of the idol group Karen Girls’, Mutou Ayami (Sakura Gakuin leader, or student council president) and Nakamoto Suzuka. So far they only have one song, Yume ni Mukatte.

Another performance of Yume ni Mukatte

I have to admit, I like the song a lot! The group is obviously school themed and will be having events based on school club activities. There is no release date set for their debut single, and the only other information I can find is that they are under the Amuse agency. Hopefully more news about their debut single will be out soon! Member profiles and links are under the cut~

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SUPER☆GiRLS!

17 Sep

The titles just keep getting lamer, don’t they? xD SUPER☆GiRLS are a new group under avex that was formed from the “Avex Idol Auditions 2010” with a staggering 7000 girls auditioning between the ages of 12 and 21. That amount was cut down to 24 potential candidates and 12 of which were chosen to make the group. In the final stage of auditions, the 24 girls where shuffled into three smaller groups that performed the three debut songs of the group to a panel of judges, you can see a preview of that here. The three songs are titled “Nijiro Star,” “Kizuna Days,” and “Be with you.” They also performed these songs as the opening to the Tokyo Idol Festival:

Nijiro Star and member introductions

Kizuna Days and Be With You

I don’t think all the girls get a solo over the two songs, but you do get a chance to get an idea of at least half of their voices, and their overall sound. They still sound a little raw, but I’m really looking forward to hearing the studio versions. I can’t find a release date for a CD single, but the three songs are available on the Japanese iTunes store. The final round of auditions took place on Sunday June 13th,  with the girls debuting at Avex a-nation 2010 which was on the 7th of August.

What makes my job a little easier is that there is already an English fansite for the girls up by the name of superSTYLE! So if you are interested in SUPER☆GiRLS, definitely bookmark that link as it’ll probably be updated more on what they do than what you’ll get here xD; Also, since superSTYLE already has translated profiles and pictures, I won’t post them here myself, and since they don’t have a discography to post I’m left with just links and maybe a couple of pics under the cut this time xD; I have high hopes for these girls- I even already have a possible favourite, Kaepyon! Not that it’s because she reminds me of Maimi. Not at all.

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Have your Passpo ready?

15 Sep

Passpo (ぱすぽ☆) is one of the groups that inspired me to start this blog, which is surprising seeing as up until last night I’d never heard of them. What got me hooked was watching their performance of their first single, ‘Let it Go!‘ at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010. Passpo is a group of 10 girls, that was formed in Akihabara in June 2009. Originally the group had 9 members selected out of 19 auditioners, however a 10th member was added later. Another cool thing about Passpo is their theme, from their outfits to the versions of their singles- everything is themed with airlines with the girls being like flight attendants, for example their second single was released in Economy, Business and First Class editions, with the features matching the class. I definitely recommend watching both videos they’re in from Tokyo Idol Festival as well as checking out some of the previews on their Youtube Channel, especially Pretty Lie

Members, more links and their discography are below the cut, information at the moment is limited but I will add more to this post and have other Passpo posts over time. I hope you get as hooked as I did ;D

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