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Suddenly, wipe out!

14 Jan

Another post so soon? I know, I can’t believe it either. Wipe out is a three member group that have a lot more mature image than any of the other groups I’ve covered on here. That’s probably because all three members, Shimozono Ayumi, Tsukui Minami and Hitomi Sanae are all in their 20s, with the oldest at 29. Wipe out aren’t just the usual happy idols, they prove their kickass-ness with songs like TRUST and lose=control. Even my favourite song by them, ‘Angel Fighter’ has a video where it starts off looking like an older Buono! then they start to have ON STAGE FIGHT SCENES. AWESOME. They look to have an amazing stage show, and I am fully excited to see more, go you fighting idols.

Angel Fighter Promo with awesome fight scenes!

Wipe out’s agency is Japan Action Enterprise and they are currently signed with the Avex sub-label Wavemaster. Apart from that I honestly can’t find any more information on them. Really. The girls (well, women) are also actresses and have been in movies or TV series but wipe out don’t even have their own Wiki page up- Minami and Sanae both have their own pages, but neither Ayumi or the group as a whole do xD; I’ll be keeping an eye out for any activities they may have in the future, hopefully they can get a major debut or at least some kickass PVs. ;D

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