Fan Blogs

Idol Romance – A Spanish idol news fansite

InspirationTIF2.1 – Blog covering information on the various idol groups that attended the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010

International Wota – A collection of features on idol related blogs, mainly H!P and AKB48

Oshiraseng!!! – An Idoling!!! news blog

Pure Idol Heart – Various idol group news, from H!P/AKB48 to indie idols


Hello! SG Fans – Hello! Project individual and group blog translations

Saikoukyuu – C-ute article translations

Super Clover – SUPER GiRLS and Momoiro Clover blog translations


ProjectHello – Collection of new and old Hello! Project lyrics with translations and colour codes

Studio48 – Subsection of Stage48 with AKB48, SKE48, SDN48, and sub group lyrics, codes and translations

TNLyriX – A lyrics site with colour codes for groups on the TNX label (Canaria Club/THE Possible etc.)


Mienai Tsubasa – SweetS fansite with downloads and a detailed history of the group

STYLE – Tokyo Girls’ Style fansite with forums, blog translations, lyrics and more

superSTYLE – a sub site of STYLE dedicated to SUPERGiRLS


JPHiP – An idol forum for the more mature, lots of perviness and Ishikawa Rika‘s ass

Musume-Central – Hello!Project forum with tons of media

Stage48 – A large English community following AKB48 and it’s sister/sub groups


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