One, Two, Ebichu!

13 Jan

Guess who’s finally back! Sorry for not updating for a while, but I’m so happy that Aidorabu has gotten over a 1000 hits ;-; It makes me happy every time I see that someone has linked Aidorabu as a place to go for information about a group. I’m looking forward to an idol-filled 2011 and as the first group I’m looking into this year, I’ve chosen Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (私立恵比寿中学, Ebisu Private Middle School) ! ;D EbiChu, who also seem to go by King of Gakugeikai 「King of 学芸会」 (King of School Plays), are a young group with Stardust Promotion, which you might recognise as it is the same group behind Momoiro Clover. They were formed in 2009 out of 5 Stardust 3B Juniors members, however since then they’ve grown to 12 members. From what I can tell, they’ve had one previous member Kanon, who left the group to become an actress, and there is a 13th member, Kashiwagi Hinata who has yet to begin activities with the group. She isn’t pictured on the group blog, website or anything official that I can see, but she is listed on the Japanese Wiki page for EbiChu and I’ve seen her mentioned in at least two other places, so I’ll go with it until I hear otherwise. xD; There was also mention of Uno Narumi leaving, but I haven’t confirmed anything.

6 EbiChu members performing two H!P songs, Koi Kana and Hana wo Pu~n

EbiChu have released two indie singles in 2010, ‘Asa no Chime ga Narimashita!’ and ‘Ebizori Diamond!!’ and have a third single called ‘Chime’ that was just released on the 10th of January 2011. I’ve been listening to the three of the their songs that I have, and my favourite is easily their second single “Ebizori Diamond!!” which I’ve linked below ;D They start off a little slow, but I love seeing things like that as they show they’re performing live!

I’m looking forward to listening to Chime and I hope these girls get a major debut sometime! and start releasing some instrumentals with their singles /biased xD; They’re definitely cute and have some potential there, especially if they can get more songs like Ebizori Diamond ❤ I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere they’re close with Momoiro Clover, as both groups started in Stardust 3B Juniors, and members of EbiChu have appeared in some Momoiro Clover member’s blogs. I love seeing group interaction, I can hope for a collab single can’t I? xD!

Member profiles aren’t quite finished yet, but I didn’t want to leave this any longer to post since it’s been so long since my last post. I’ll update them soon, but the discography and links are up and finished!

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New page up – Links

25 Nov

I’ve added a new links page up top with links to other blogs and websites, translations, lyrics, forums etc. that are all idol related. Mostly, they’re Hello! Project and AKB48 since those are the most popular but I’ll add any more as I find them. If you have any links you think are relevant and should be added, let me know and I’ll give them a look. I’ll get around to writing up a proper entry for another group soonish since I’m almost done with TAFE ;D If there’s a group you want me to look into, comment and let me know! I generally just pick a group at random, or if they look interesting to me, so a little direction might help me get to doing them faster xD;

A Super Bump (.y)

22 Nov

Not exactly -new- news, but I can’t do all that for Passpo’s album and ignore SUPER☆GiRLS and Bump.y!

The PV for bump.y’s latest single, Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteite mo~ is now out and the single is set to be released on the 24th of November, so this Wednesday! The group still has a ‘family’ feeling to it and you can really see it in the dance too, at one point they’re all holding hands. It’s all the warm fuzzy stuff xD I really like Sara’s voice in this too, her solo at 1:10 is love ❤ Half the time she looks like she’d rather not be there, someone forgot to tell she had to smile xD

1. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-”
2.  Akai Muffler
3. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-” ( Narration Version )
4. “Futari no Hoshi -Hanareteitemo-” ( Instrumental )
5.  Akai Muffler ( Instrumental )

SUPER☆GiRLS new album is titled Chouzetsu Shoujo (meaning “Transcendent Girl”) and is set to come out on the 22nd of December. Their previously released tracks make an appearance on the album but they’re listed as ‘transcendental versions’. “Transcendent Girl” may give a clue to what ‘Transcendental Version’ means, it’s likely it just means it will be an album version, but there’s no knowing for sure until it’s out. So far, ‘Miracle ga Tommanai!’ has a PV that was shown first on SG’s Ustream but it’s now up on the avex Youtube channel.What else? Right, it’s being released in 3 different versions A, B and C. A is a special box that comes with the CD+DVD and extras (¥6500), B is the CD+DVD (¥3800) and C is just the CD (¥2500), all come with a photo of one of the girls. Some previews can be heard on their website –

It’s a really adorable, practically the definition of an idol PV xD; SPARKLES? CUTE GIRLS? POMPOMS? ENGRISH? Check. It’s a fun song, but vocals aren’t their strong point unfortunately. Watching them grow and improve is half the fun of idol fandom as well as cheering on your favourite for being flawless and awesome. KAEPYON! I’m hoping there’s some good songs on the rest of the album, preferably with some small groups going on, but SG have been pretty good when it comes to giving all the members time to shine, which is always a good thing! Track list for the CD is below, it looks like there’s two different DVDs with A and B so I’ll work on getting a track list for those up later~

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[Lyrics] Passpo – Let it Go!!

19 Nov

Romanization by lilmenchi with help from Elsa. Please don’t just copy and paste this to other sites, credit and a link back to this page is always appreciated ❤ Comments with corrections, or even a translation, are welcomed!

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More Spazzing. Passpo Related.

16 Nov

I was browsing the HMV idol section earlier today to get a link to the Fudanjuku stuff for someone and I happened to notice Passpo had another release coming out soon.  I thought, ‘cool, I’ll have to buy that. I hope the single has a PV this time.’ So now imagine my surprise looking at the listing again for some more info.

Left – LE with DVD | Right – RE

FREAKING. PASSPO ALBUM. DO WANT. SO now do I not only have to save up for Pretty Lie/GPP/Go on a Highway plus everything else I need to save for, but an album too. You’re lucky I love you Passpo, stay awesome. and come to Australia. Some idol act has to. I’m going to Sydnova 2011 hinthint. Damn I need a job xD;


A track list is now for the CD + DVD, and there’s a bunch of new previously unreleased songs and guess what? PVs! The album is set for a release on the 8th of December.Even though this has GPP/Go on a Highway/Pretty Lie, I’m still going to buy those singles for the instrumentals ❤ Track list and preorder links are below, I’ll see how many song previews I can add until there are previews up on HMV~ so turns out all but Break Out and the bonus songs are up on the Passpo Youtube! Only Let it go!! was in full, but I found versions of GPP, Go on a Highway, Pretty Lie and LA LA Love Train. I’m surprised I couldn’t find ハレルヤ (Hallelujah) in full seeing as that was their second single, but oh well. More to look forward to when you buy it? ;DDD

OH. Before I go, I’m working on getting a mini review of Let it Go!! up including scans and my first attempt at romaji-fying the lyrics since I doubt I can find them online plus I want them for my own dubbing purposes. There’s just a couple of parts I’m not sure of, but I’m getting some help from my awesome friend Elsa so hopefully that’ll be up soon!

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No, not Yoga Google. It’s YGA.

14 Nov

Yet another group from the Tokyo Idol Festival (I’ll cover them all! …maybe.) This post has been a while in the making for a couple of reasons, the first being that I got distracted by other things, and the second is that finding information on YGA is damn hard xD; I can probably find info on the current YGA, but it’s the old YGA that I like best. So until I can find anything more substantial, time to talk about what I do know.

Bin-KAN.Vanilla PV

YGA stands for Yoshimoto Gravure Agency and is a part of Yoshomoto Agency, which is a well known for the comedy acts it produces. As far as I can tell, YGA was formed in 2008 and if the PV above is any indication, they were quirky and full of fanservice ;D Yes, that is a man with the pink thigh-highs Anna. I do feel for the larger girl in there, Nancy, though. She was most likely added for the comedic factor, but from what I’ve seen in PVs, she doesn’t get treated any differently to any of the other members so. GOOD WORK YGA. For their debut single, YGA had 9 members including Nancy and Anna, while their next single featured a total of 16 members. Their next two releases, Virgin Beat and Ganbare Hero were only released as DVDs.

Fighting Girl Live

Now, YGA is more a typical idol group, which is how I was introduced to them in the TIF2010. Looking back at their old PVs, I miss that quirkiness they had ;-; I’m not sure if any of the current 8 or 9 members (there are 9 shown with official blogs, but I can only find performances with 8 members) have been with the group since they began since I can’t find names for all the members, and if I could it wouldn’t be in Romaji for me to compare, plus just from looking at the covers they seem to have gone through a few member changes which makes thing even more difficult xD; If I do find any more information, I will definitely edit this post and add it in. It doesn’t help they only have a group blog and not an official website, plus their page on the Yoshimoto site is incomplete, but oh well. Like always, members, discography and links are below~

Edit: Thanks to Aya’s links, profiles for ten former members are now up! I’ll be updating the post more as I try to make sense of Google’s translation of the YGA wiki page xD;

Stage 1 Members – Hara Makiko, Suzuki Nana, Hoshino Rika, Miyanowaki Kaori, Meguro Saori, Yukari Minato, Nancy, Anna

Stage 2 Members – Ashida Ayumi, Kakuda, Mika, Matsumoto Miho, Shinti Rie, Yanagawa Mana, Yasuda Yuki Nana

Phase 3 – Kimura Mami

School Students – Azusa, Aimi Toshi Yuu, Uchida

Phase 4 – Sakurai Rika, Hinata Sayoko

5th – Kasuga Sayaka, Miwasa Kana, Omizo Shiina

Period 6 – Wasaki Nanami

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I have nothing coherent to add.

31 Oct

Words cannot explain my happiness at finding this tonight. I was typing up an entry on YGA, but it seems like that will have to wait until tomorrow xD; As it’s probably very obvious by now, I love Idols, so seeing a place with not just the big groups, H!P and AKB48, but also the smaller groups… it’s heavenly. They have Passpo, Tomapai, JK21 and so many groups I’ve never heard of before. SO MANY IDOL CDS ❤ I have never bought anything from HMV before (CDJapan and YESASIA), but I am sure to do so in the future! I should get around to blogging about the CDs I have bought, one day! -huggles Passpo, Fudanjuku and H!P CDs-

-> HMV Female Idol Store <-