Hachikin Girls – Itsuwari no Tengoku ~change your life~

3 Apr


Had a try at writing the romaji out for this song, as well as writing out the kanji while I was at it. I used a combination of google translate and a kanji searching site to work out the many characters I couldn’t read xD;

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Aidorabu has a second home…

27 Apr

on Tumblr!


I won’t give up on Aidorabu here, however I know I don’t have the time to put in the effort needed to research groups properly and give them the time I want to. With the tumblr blog, I’ll be sharing pictures, audio previews, and any short news I find which wouldn’t be worth typing a longer post about here.

Things have been pretty busy for me lately and I haven’t had nearly the amount of time I thought I would have to look after all the things I have to do, so hopefully this Tumblr blog will be a good compromise so I can still spread the idol love!

Update and a Passpo PV Preview!

8 Apr

I’m so sorry about my lack of updates recently, I’ve been meaning to post but just haven’t had the time to get to it >.< I’ll definitely have a new post up sometime next week, I’ve had a couple of groups I’ve been wanting to look into so hopefully those will be up soon!

In better news, a preview of Passpo’s major debut single, Shoujo Hikou, has been released!

It’s great to see a PV with a decent budget for them! Not that I didn’t enjoy the PVs they’ve done so far, but this is a sign of better things to come for the group and I’m excited to see how their debut sells. I’m hoping I can afford to get Sako’s version, but I might try and get some of the older Passpo singles first~

OH and last bit of news, you might have noticed I now have a link on the side to CDJapan. As part of their affiliate program, if someone clicks on that and then buys something from CDJapan, I get a small commission. So if anyone is thinking of purchasing something from CDJapan, I’d really appreciate it if you could come from here ❤ Any credit I get from there will be used to purchase idol related goods/CDs that I can share and talk about here<3

New releases you should be listening to! Part 1

23 Feb

It’s been a while since I posted a bunch of new release news, but there’s so much good stuff coming out soon or have just had PVs released that you, as idol fans, should know about!

bump.y’s 3rd single finally has a preview! The song is titled “Sotsugyo Madeni…” 『卒業までに・・・』 and will be released on the 2nd of March in three editions, Limited A/B and regular. The bside is called “Tomodachi” (friends) and as usual with bump.y’s releases, the regular edition will have a “Sotsygyo Madeni…” narration track.  I’m sure I’d had this site linked to me before (I think it was on msn actually) but I have a terrible memory and forgot all about it. Voice is a new bump.y fansite which you should definitely check out if you’re a fan of the group, or just interested in knowing more about them. It even has blog translations! I’ll be sure to add Voice to my blogroll and links page for easy access ;D

Finally, it’s a new single from YGA! The PV was brought to my attention by the wonderful Aya, and I have to say I love the song! I’m not a big fan of the outfits though, why are they playing soccer in those heels!? I can barely walk in heels myself so this is just. mind blowing xD; HOW DO IDOLS DO IT? The song is called Renai Sutoraikā (恋愛ストライカー) and was released on the 9th of this month. Oh and the bside is called “Dengeki Shoujo”.

This brings us onto my favourite news. Fudanjuku. They don’t only have their first live DVD and photobook coming out, no, they also have another original album! The photobook, titled “Fu are you?” was released on the 17th of this month, and the DVD and album won’t be released until the 23rd of March, but damn I am excited. I currently own most of Fudanjuku’s discography (not including different versions of singles) so I definitely want to buy either the album or the DVD if I have the money. The album will feature 5 new tracks and new versions of “Fu Fu 724” and “Go! Fight! Fujoshi Sisters” and will be released in two versions, A and B. I’m just speculating here, but odds are high that this could be A for Fudanjuku cover and B for a Fujoshi Sisters cover (or vice versa) given the mix of songs from both groups in the tracklist on HMV. ;D

More releases to be covered in part 2!

Cool for Ebisu Muscats

17 Feb

Woo a new post up and my titles are getting lamer, points if you get what I meant xD; The Ebisu Muscats are a group I’ve wanted to cover on here for a while simply because I find them really interesting. And hey, what’s not interesting about a group made entirely of gravure and AV idols? xD Ebisu Muscats started on a variety show called “Onegai Muscat” in 2008, where gravure and AV idols took part is games and skits. The show aired from April 2008 until March 2009, but was shortly replaced by “Onedari!! Muscat” which started airing in April 2009, and is still going strong. It wasn’t until the 17th of February 2010 when they made their single debut with ‘Banana Mango High School’, which just happens to be a year ago today. Awesome xD

The group is now up to their 4th single, to be released mid-March, and has gone through a lot of member changes. Just looking at the member roster on their wiki page… it’s a long list xD; There’s 28 current members (From 5 different phases or stages, the equivalent of MM’s gens), 9 graduated members, and 25 that are listed as having left the group. That’s 62 members. Wow is putting it lightly xD; From what I can tell, a lot of the original members graduated, while 16 phase 1 to 3 members returned just a month later. One first phase members, KONAN, graduated the group to join AKB48’s more adult sister group, SDN48 (SaturDay Night).

Banana Mango High School PV

Their first single was full of sexual innuendo and I’m kinda hoping for translations of some of their other songs to see if those are as well, but it’d be hard to top Banana Mango High School (Banana = male. Mango = female. I’m not going to add anymore xD) I’ll be honest, I probably wouldn’t go to their live shows (okay, I would if someone gave me a ticket) or watch/look at their AV/Gravure work, but the variety show sounds interesting and funny (plus a lot less sus xD) so I may just have an entry up on the show if I can find a couple of eps subbed anywhere.

I feel like there’s more I should add here but I’ll update as I find new info~ I still need to go back and update a few of the other groups I already have up as well xD; Full discography, links and a partial member list are below ❤

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[Lyrics] C-ute Akuma no Tsubuyaki Musical – Remember You

16 Feb

C-ute aren’t exactly lesser-known so technically I shouldn’t cover them at all on here, but I love C-ute and I needed somewhere to put these lyrics so… xD;; This is Airi’s solo song from C-ute’s musical, Akuma no Tsubuyaki ~Akuma de kyutto na seishun Graffiti~. Out of all the songs in the musical (not including the theme) this one stood out to me the most, and I wanted to sing along so I had a go at working out the lyrics by ear. From what I could tell (there’s no subs out for the musical yet), this is a song Airi’s character, Lily, is singing while thinking about her parents. Although they mention her mother a lot so it might just be for her, I’m not really sure xD;

Sorry if there are any mistakes, there’s two parts in particular I’m not sure of, so any corrections would be loved. The parts in italics are where the rest of C-ute sings backing harmonies or echoes (in the brackets), everything else is Airi. I’d recommend waiting for subs if you want to watch the musical in full and you’re not confident with Japanese, but check out this song if you have time ❤


I found a subbed version of this song, with just the translation ❤ The same person also did a translation for another song from the musical, Chiisana koto. Thanks to the notes on the videos I know have a better idea of  what was going on. Remember you is Lily singing about her mother, who died when she was very young.

Update 2: I thought this would have been a given, but if you want to post these lyrics on another site for whatever reason, please link back to this post. Thanks~

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Suddenly, wipe out!

14 Jan

Another post so soon? I know, I can’t believe it either. Wipe out is a three member group that have a lot more mature image than any of the other groups I’ve covered on here. That’s probably because all three members, Shimozono Ayumi, Tsukui Minami and Hitomi Sanae are all in their 20s, with the oldest at 29. Wipe out aren’t just the usual happy idols, they prove their kickass-ness with songs like TRUST and lose=control. Even my favourite song by them, ‘Angel Fighter’ has a video where it starts off looking like an older Buono! then they start to have ON STAGE FIGHT SCENES. AWESOME. They look to have an amazing stage show, and I am fully excited to see more, go you fighting idols.

Angel Fighter Promo with awesome fight scenes!

Wipe out’s agency is Japan Action Enterprise and they are currently signed with the Avex sub-label Wavemaster. Apart from that I honestly can’t find any more information on them. Really. The girls (well, women) are also actresses and have been in movies or TV series but wipe out don’t even have their own Wiki page up- Minami and Sanae both have their own pages, but neither Ayumi or the group as a whole do xD; I’ll be keeping an eye out for any activities they may have in the future, hopefully they can get a major debut or at least some kickass PVs. ;D

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